(05.2015) strippedcast: 004 | Norman H

As May arrives so does the fourth in the series of the strippedcast. A two hour selection of music that’s been rocking my boat as off late including a couple of upcoming tracks from the labels literally hot off the press. So rather than rattle on about it we’ll let the music do the talking.

179-SD DJ Samer | Insomnia | Stripped Digital

DJ Samer has long been an influential figure in the United States progressive house scene. He has been DJing for more than a decade and his Pangea label and sub-labels have been putting out solid progressive music since 2001.Samer was never fazed by certain genres coming in and out of fashion, he has stuck with progressive sounds throughout and we salute him for that!. Today he makes his debut on our Stripped Digital label with “Insomnia”.