Ricky Ryan | La Vuvuzela EP | Stripped Recordings

Sick Watona and Avangardia head honcho and prolific dj Ricky Ryan delivers his first ep on Stripped Recordings.Featured here are three tracks produced alongside some of his good friends in the South American scene Leo Leal on Chivas Live,Max Cagliero on Lezama Park and Ariel Sierra on Beto Version.


01.Lezama Park w/Max Cagliero
02.Chivas Live w/Leo Leal
03.Beto Version w/Ariel Sierra


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Support from…

Kosmas Epsilon

awesome, in true ricky ryan style. all tracks have a meaning, will play them all. thanks 🙂

Timo Garcia

they all sound lovely thanks mate

Hernan Cerbello (Low Pressings)
Chivas Live for me. Thanks!

Francesco Pico
Beto is cool

steve parry (smp3 music management)
Beto & Chias are cool cheers

Miss Nine
downloading, thanks

Elio Riso (Space Ibiza )
nice , 7/10 😉

Kasey Taylor
Top stuff bro, thanks… Abraçao

Neil Quigley
Beto Version is good, thanks 🙂

Good One Thanks 🙂

In Deep We Trust (In Deep Records, BEBR, Avangardia, Planeta.FM, Pure.FM)
Really great EP, all tracks are very playable and will be supported! Good job mates 🙂

Chloe Harris (further)
leo’s for down moments. beto for house moments.

Gabriel Sordo (Discoteca Music)
download thanxxxxx

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
lezama park for me! nice

Memo Insua (Union Jack Rec / Sick Watona)
beto version and leaze for me both are top stuff thanks

Stefan Bauer (progressive-world.at)
great package! i like all tracks! good warmup material and awesome production quality!

terry grant
Nice stuff here… deep-ish and melodic. Ariel Sierra track for me. 😉

Dibby Dougherty (Yello//Baroque)
Beto one is really damn good, i will be playing alot

Ricky Inch
Thanx ! Nice vibes.

DJ Samer (Spundae, Pangea, frik:n:frak, Source of Gravity)
More great music from Ricky. Thanks!


Good Music!!!!!!!

SPESH (Jondi & Spesh)
oozing with quality. beto and lezama both rock. [/b]

Mateo Murphy (Turbo)
Nice techy tracks!

Pablo Acenso
beto version!!!!

Peppe & Ronnie
A very hight level of tracks here, hard to choice one…so lets congrats to Ricky, he work in these three pearls

Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital / Source Of Gravity)
Lovely EP, will be supporting all,… Beto Version is wicked 🙂

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/OhrwurmKL)
what a cool combination between all 3! lovin it!

Stian Klo (Armada, ID&T, Perc Trax, Tsuba)
yeah!! 1 and 3 for me thanks :)[/b]

Arman S – Vela etc….lol (JA-Recordings)
Great EP ! Second Track is my fav.

Daniel Mehes
the 1st track is quite nice 🙂

Paul Trelles (Brown Eyed Boyz )
3 great bombs, thanks 🙂

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project Rec/Night Drive Music/Elevation Rec/Pesto/Acryl etc…)
Beto Version is the one for me here, thanks. nice vibe to it.

Pena (Flow Vinyl)
Beto version is very good. supporting…. chivas is cool… gracias!!

Sonic Union (Lowbit, GU, Proton)
Beto &Leaze are very nice!! Thanks

Alec Araujo
Really nice mixes in this pack. Ricky Ryan & Ariel Sierra Beto Version is my fave here. Thanks.