Justin Steel | Horizons feat. Natasha Stark | Stripped Digital

Release number 62 on Stripped Digital welcomes the return of our old friend and regular contributor to the labels Justin Steel.His new track Horizons features the vocal talents of Natasha Stark.Her smooth vocal snippets compliment this deep house journey to a tee.Accompanying the Original come 3 remixes from Brazilian Malcon Costa,Liverpudlian Nick Robson and our new kid on the bloc and one to watch George Pearson.

JUSTIN STEEL | HORIZONS feat. Natasha Stark

01.Original Mix

02.Malcon Costa Remix

03.George Pearson Remix

04.Nick Robson Remix

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NICK WARREN (Way Out West, Hope)original and Georges mix for me

NEIL QUIGLEY(Urban Torque, Renaissance, Audio Therapy)Thanks, George Pearson mix

PETE GOODING nice release, really like George Pearson and Malcon Costa mixes, nice warm Deep House that perfect for the beach!
OMID 16b (Sex on Wax, S.O.S.)cool
Ken Fan (Fabrik Madrid In Sessions)Love it !!!

Graham Gold ooh, lovely for some of my sets. orig and george mixes-gorgeous![/b]
NATHAN C (Cr2)Support!!
Sasha Le Monnier (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)lovely sounds! Original & George’s..both are nice deep warm grooves!

Carlos Francisco (Sure Player Recs)There’s a great atmospheric flow in all tracks on this release. Support here.

City Soul Project (Groove On, Pack Up & Dance, I Records, Open Bar)Nick Robson’s mix hands down here in terms of what I play today but I cant ignore the original which is Justin doing what he does best and thats deep, hypnotic house – vocals are ace too. Really in to this

Kenny Substance (Redflux/PureSubstance) original , lovin it!

RAYMUNDO RODRIGUEZ (Jaded)I’m feeling this whole package, great stuff.

Kelvin K (GrassRoots/SoulTree/various)George Pearson mix is nice and deep…

Max Mason (NO smoking Recordings/ Stripped / deepsessions / )original for me great original peice of music , love the build

Alec Araujo Great release. Original Mix and George Pearson Rmx. Thanks.

Mark Gwinnett (Cubism)Original and George Pearson remixes are cool. Always like Justin’s stuff 🙂
Russell Deeks (iDJ, This is Why We Dance)Liking the remixes over the orig TBH esp Costa and Robson

Dibby Dougherty (Yello//Baroque)great release, original for me, class vocal

Dubble D / Moodymanc / 2020 Soundsystem (2020 vision, Dessous, Tsuba,kolour, Third Ear)George’s mix has the vibe for me thanks!

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)support
Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings/Zool MuzicProton Radio)George’s remix all day long. Have a heard a couple of his new bits recently and feel he is one to keep an ear on. Cheers!
Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax)original works best for me, thanks.
Yamil Colucci (Stripped / Baroque)Nice music yes , Georges mix for me.Thanks
Seb Dhajje (Hope, Stripped)Nick’ remix sounds good ! thanks 🙂
Per-vurt records (Per-vurt Records, Per-vurt Corp)Very Nice Pack ! Original and Malcon Costa for me !
Ryan Luciano (Divert / Stripped)Loving the groove!!!! original and George Pearson 😉
Marcelo Vasami Original mix & George Pearson 8/10
Nomad In The Dark (Audiotherapy, Renaissance, Stripped )Nick Robson and Georges remix are the business.