Dave Seaman features Darren Flecta_Emitting White Light on his Radio Therapy Broadcast | June 2011

Dave Seaman [Global Underground /  Renaissance] on his latest Radio Therapy Show Broadcast included the track Darren Flecta “Emitting White Light”  Nomad In The Dark Remix  [Stripped Recordings] available exclusively @ Beatport (see release blog: http://bit.ly/pu9HeP )


Tracklist: Radio Therapy Broadcast – June 2011

1. Art Department ‘We Call Love (DJ Harvey)’ [Crosstown Rebels]
2. Bukkaddor & Fishbeck ‘Camino’ [My Best Friend]
3. Solid Snake ‘Candy Pigs’ [Tribal Vision]
4. Dibby Dougherty & David Young ‘Tiger Forest’ [Bedrock]
5. Darren Flecta ‘Emitting White Light’ (Nomad In The Dark) [Stripped Recordings] 
6. Jimmy Van M feat. Steve T ‘We Are Children’ [Bedrock]
7. Egostereo & CID Inc ‘Tokai’ (Solee) [McGroove]
8. Infusion ‘Love & Imitation’ (Luis Junior) [Vapour]
9. Alan Live ‘Horizon’ [Looq]
10. Solee ‘Reflect’ (Dave Seaman) [Parquet]
11. Alessandro Diga ‘Poke The Pig’ [Low End Community]
12. Walsh & Coutre Vs. Darin Epsilon ‘Detour On 44’ (Lanny May) [Perspectives Digital]