090-SD Paula Pedroza | Onde Esta – The Remixes [Stripped Digital]

Brazilian-born, but crafted as a professional Dj in the New York city lights, the resident of Pacha Brazil Paula Pedroza has been buzzing the airwaves lately with great success. Award winning DJ by Brazil’s “Cool Magazine” the stunning DJ and producer keeps a busy schedule between her percussive beats in the studio and thriving into the night life on the decks of both local and international clubs and festivals with a very precise, yet subtle way of mixing setting the mood on the dance floor.

Some of her recent accomplishments include in the context one of the “fathers” of progressive house, Sasha, who opened his set for the   BBC Radio One 500th Essential Mix  with one of her own productions “Anjos” [Moojaa Remix]on Stripped Digital, since then the legendary Dj has been smashing her tunes globally including the follow up to releaased last summer again on Stripped Digital entitled “Eita! EP” giving Paula recognition as a producer.

Furthermore into her productions, she leaves yet her mark in the globally acclaimed Global Underground compilation series, this time around with her track “Duende” grabbed by Tom Novy who featured it in his first appearance in the series.

The facts go on, such recognition to actually see on print, her work as a producer is mentioned inside Brendan Blood‘s new semi-autobiographical book, “God is a dj,… But he just warms up for Sasha”.

A new age is set for electronic music artists from Brazil to the world, and Paula Pedroza is sure to be sitting at the top, as a prolific inspiring DJ and as a creative mind rocking her percussive beats in the studio.

Here we return to the aforementioned “Eita EP!” and the track “Onde Esta” which was as mentioned played heavily by the man like Sasha last year.Here we present The Remixes headed up by fello Brazilian producer DNYO (who himself found himself as one of the runners up in the Burn Studio Sasha “Cut Me Down” Remix competition.His remix was released on Sasha’s new label Last Night On Earth).DNYO provides two stunning remixes which he names Batuke One & Two respectively.Essex,England provide the next two remixes from D00sh and Ryan Luciano respectively.And finally we head to France for the final contribution from an amazingly talented 14 year old Mike Duz.


01.DNYO Batuke One

02.DNYO Batuke Two

03.D00sh Remix

04.Ryan Luciano Remix

05.Mike Duz Remix


Available Exclusively @ Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/onde-esta-the-remixes/827303





“From this vantage point you get to see the packed crowd at their most animated. Some opt for the head down approach really in the zone focusing on every beat whereas others look to the sky savouring each key change. Unified hands in the air were brought to the fore with Paula Pedroza’s ‘Onde Esta’, a massive echoing house monster that throbs and chants into a real state of ecstasy and sends the crowd into absolute frenzy with people po-going like they did to punk records back in the seventies. And as I’ve said before when Sasha jumps, everybody jumps. The feedback from the crowd’s visible reaction made me realise that feeling of being a DJ is definitely up there with the frontman of a rock band. John Digweed stood only feet away from Sasha, was visibly itching to play the next record to keep the crowd on a high. Both of them played 3 or 4 tracks each before letting the other one try and outdo the last which ensures they bring out the best in each other and the crowd wanting more.

“Taken from the book:  “God Is A DJ *But He Only Warms Up For SASHA” Written By Brendan Blood  – Dawber Publishing | Available @ http://www.djsasha.com

Paula Pedroza meets Sasha in 2010 at a private event in Rio De Janiero.Brazil

Paula Pedroza @ Made In Brazil – Avalon.Hollywood.CA.USA | November 2010

Photography By Douglas Jessup | http://www.douglaskjessup.com

Paula Pedroza @ Pacha.Buenos Aires.Argentina playing “Onde Esta” [Original Mix][Stripped Digital]