Hernan Cattaneo | Resident Podcast | Episode 039 – 04.02.12

Hernan Cattaneo‘s Resident Podcast broadcast Saturday February 04,2012 on DeltaFM 90.3 featured two tracks from the StrippedMuzikClub stable.Both tracks came in the second half of the broadcast NameSpace – Not Found [Original Mix][Stripped Recordings] was the first up available now exclusively @ Beatporthttp://www.beatport.com/release/not-found/849947 this was followed by Mechanique – Adding Insult To Injury taken from his forthcoming album Complex Behaviour [Hype Muzik].You can check out the album preview here: https://strippedmuzikclub.wordpress.com/?p=1440&preview=true

You can listen to the broadcast here:


Here are some other featured tracks on Hernan’s Resident Podcast since it began in 2011.

Vanyano – Memories [Dark Soul Project Goes Deeper Remix][Stripped Recordings] due June 2012 was featured in Resident Podcast 034.

Totem Pole – Dark Crystals [Stripped Digital] due summer 2012 was featured on Resident Podcast 033

Graziano Raffa & Alberto Blanco – Weekend Heroes [Matias Villa Remix][Stripped Digital] forthcoming April 2012 and Pao Calderon – Fool Moon [Andy Lau Remix][Stripped Digital] OUT NOW. Featured on Resident Podcast 031.

Days Off – Geminius [Michael King Remix][Stripped Recordings] OUT NOW featured on Resident Podcast 026

Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Cotton Candy [Apologist Remix][Stripped Recordings] OUT NOW featured on Resident Podcast 024

Ian O’Donovan – Orient Express [Hype Muzik] OUT NOW featured on Resident Podcast 023

Astraway – Payment In Full [Stripped Digital] OUT NOW on the compilation Swimming In A Digital Sea – Volume One – Compiled By Norman H [Stripped Digital] featured on Resident Podcast 013

Verche – Awakening [Stripped Recordings] forthcoming April 2012 featured on Resident Podcast 008

Soulfire – Echo Effect [Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix][Stripped Digital] taken from Soulfire: The Selected Works – Compiled By Lee Ager [Stripped Digital] featured on Resident Podcast 001.2