33 track “MEXICO.Unmixed” compilation set for release on Stripped Digital

Finally after weeks of listening to demos not only for this album but the many many many that come through his email on a daily basis strippedmuzikclub boss Norman H has finally selected the tracks for the second in this series of Unmixed Compilation where a country is chosen and producers from said country are invited to submit their tracks whatever the genre for inclusion on the album.The chosen country this time is “MEXICO” where Norman has spent a lot of the last 18 months dj’ing,producing and enjoying what this beautiful country has to offer.Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Mexico City, Leon, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Ensenada, Tijuana, Mexicali are the main ports of call and this list is set to become much longer over the coming months as he plans to produce tracks and spread the strippedmuzikclub word as much as he can in not just Mexico but around the globe.

The new album is packed with no less than 32 brand new previously unreleased material from some of the countries talented producers with the likes of the always popular Tini Tun (We Are Here Records.Mx)  who once graced the decks at the legendary Twilo in New York, Vazik (Sounds Of Earth Records) and Andy Martin a young man who himself has had his talents spotted by none other than Magda, Marc Houle & Troy Pierce for their brand new Berlin based label Items & Things. These are just three of the artists appearing on the album expect to hear previews etc etc in the coming weeks leading up to the albums release.

This compilation can be described as a blend of Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno,Electronica,Indie Dance / Nu Disco and it stands on it’s own as worthy successor to last years “Argentina” – Stripped Digital.


01.Speechless Thieves – The Silent Phases
02.Omm – Fragments
03.Andy Martin – I Believe
04.Ramiro Puente & Jose Sobero – Do Not Close Your Mind
05.Bienmesabe – Scented
06.Arturo Mercado – Inlet
07.Hugo Ibarra – Ambar
08.Tini Tun & Hugo Ibarra – Just Follow My Lead
09.Vazik – Prisma
10.Outworld – Blue Waters
11.Left & Right – The Moment & The Time
12.Henek – My Dreams
13.Bienmesabe – Hassio
14.Mr Pepper – Persistence
15.Acid Kit – Ritmo Sensual
16.Diego Macias – Egocentric
17.Tini Tun – Noisy Distractions
18.116db – Angel Zog
19.Joaquin Jimenez – Freshen Up
20.Andy Martin – Dream Landscape
21.Stasik T – Yawn
22.Desah – Silversphere
23.Neftali Blasko – Temperley
24.Hugo Ibarra – Ricochet
25.Jose Sobero & Ramiro Puente – On The Top
26.Francisco Ruiz – Debug
27.Daniel Dela- Epic Storm
28.Desah – Morning Glory
29.Alex Novoa – Autumn Confusion
30.Andy Martin – Totem
31.Deuzler – Voices
32.116db_Quadratic Friendship
33.116db – Old Times

MEXICO.Unmixed – Compiled By Norman H [Stripped Digital]  will be available from May o9,2012 –  Exclusively @ Beatport