Making The Right Noises: NameSpace In The Mix


NameSpace are London/Midlands based DJ and Producers Ben Shaw (pictured left) and Ben Summers (pictured right).Ben Shaw has been producing and remixing for more than 13 years, starting off under the Sunscape alias on Barry Jamieson’s label Fluid Recordings, before releasing under his own name with his biggest track “So Strong” feat. Adele Holness on Cass, Slide & Lee Burridge’s Fire label back in 2001. Following this he ran his own label Kubist Recordings in 2003, seeing several vinyl releases. Ben has since been releasing music on various labels including Omnis, Repressure, Per-Vurt, Mesmeric, 99% Recordings and Black Hole.

Ben made it through to the “Final 14” contestants in the infamous Burn Studios Sasha remix competition. His remix of Sasha’s “Cut Me Down” was released on Last Night on Earth Label. 

Ben Summers has been DJing for more than 10 years, holding residencies at many popular nights in the Midlands including Blend (also playing out in Ibiza as part of their world tour) and Nottingham based LoveZoo. His mixes have been played on various online stations including the famous Proton Radio, whilst on the production front Ben has worked with vocalists and producers from the USA and Spain. 
Ben recently released “Phobos7” on Soulfire Downloads. The track has had support from all the major players, including Sasha who charted the Thermal Bear remix on his July 2012 Beatport chart.

As a duo, NameSpace’s first release was “The Sentinel” which was swiftly signed to highly acclaimed label Stripped Recordings and released in March 2011. 
The Sentinel was remixed by Deepfunk and Global Underground regular Jim Rivers. Since then NameSpace have gone on to remix tracks by Seb Dhajje, Deepfunk, and more recently D00sh and Orlinski on Endemic Digital, Crossworld and Soulfire Downloads and the aforementioned Stripped Recordings. 

Up next for the duo is their remix of Moojaa – ‘West Coast Zulu” on Stripped Recordings 

The duo have just recorded a mix for 99% Recordings show on Proton Radio featuring said remix of Moojaa plus the Lateral Cut Groove Remix of Seb Dhajje’s ‘White Room” both included on Various Artists – We’ve Been Remixed Vol. 1 – Stripped Recordings


Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka feat. Abigail Wyles – Battleships (50 Weapons)
Ed Lee – Back to the roots (SMAK aka Steve McCready remix) (Endemic Digital)
Moojaa – West Coast Zulu (NameSpace ReTwist) (Stripped_Recordings) 
Audiotox and Watson vs Benzene – Argentium (Crossfade Sounds)
Yunta – Distorted (Dale Middleton Remix) (Sound Avenue)
Cid Inc – Past Years
Mehmet Akar – Seni Seviyorum (Future Motions Distorted Love Remix (Bermudos)
Pole Folder – Indigo (Ryan Davis Remix) (Reworck)
Seb Dhajje – White_Room (Lateral Cut Groove_Remix) (Stripped_Recordings) 
Blusoul & Amber Long – The Future is Yours (99percent Recordings)
Underground Allstars – She Rises in the East (NameSpace Remix) (Pro-B-Tech)


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