FREE DOWNLOAD: Miss Jane | It’s A Fine Day [ThermalBear’s Weatherman Remix]

Miss Jane - Fine Day - ThermalBear's Weatherman Remix

ThermalBear continues his meteoric rise apace as he has just had his latest work included on Sasha‘s “Involv3r” album as well as his second EP on Last Night On Earth entitled “Could Be Nice”. He is certainly doing plenty to back the man like’s claim of his “producer of the year 2013”. Now after five remixes for our own Stripped Recordings he provides us with this very special FREE remix of Miss Jane’s rendition of the Opus III classic “It’s A Fine Day”.


Max Cooper
Interesting remix, thanks

Richie Hawtin (Minus / Probe / Nervous / Plus 8 / Poker Flat)
downloaded thanks

Great work 🙂

Roger Sanchez (MOS / Kontor / Ultra / Stealth / DoItYourself | ReleaseYourself)
Downloading to try out, thanks

Erick Morillo. Thank you.

Martin Garcia

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)
nice one

Dibby Dougherty (DhARMA, Bedrock, Sudbeat)
very very cool, unique

Alex Nemec (Mirabilis, Tronic, Respekt, Rekluse, Flow Vinyl, Baroque)

guille quero
nice.. thanks

Tini Tun (We Are Here Records/Twilo NYC)
Great track, thanks!

RICH CURTIS (Sudbeat, Proton, Replug)
Superb remix

sahar z (Lost&Found,bedrock,difinitive,plattenbank,reniassance redord)
classic! 10xs 🙂

Beaumont Stanford
Very cool!

Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Flow, Elevation)
nice one

Dark Soul Project/ Ivan jaime (Sudbeat, Subtract, Silence Trough Music, Joof)
great interpretation! amazing track!

MUUI (Baroque / Outside The Box / Lowbit / Spring Tube)
niceee! thanks

Dean Facer (Resident Advisor / OurHouse magazine / IDM magazine / United Col)
Great reworking of the Opus III classic….. very nice !

Alex Rubio (MEXA Records)
nice one thanks

Steve Parry (Sentri c/SMP3/Luna/Juice FM/Red Zone)

Omar El Gamal
great stuff, support, thanks!

Justin Steel (Tangerine, Form & Function)
nice work 🙂

Joelle Atkins (MOS)

Arturo Mercado (BCS/ Stripped Records / We ARe Here /In4mation / Stripped Digita)
Amazing, Thanks

Diego Macias (Stripped Digital, We Are Here Records, Sounds Of Juan)

Moojaa (Stripped recordings, hype, enedemic, unrivaled)
Great Job..! 🙂

Kay (Balcan Connection / Baroque)
Massive , Thanks

Grumpy (LQD) (Liquid Media|Deep, Drops, Aquasound, Pure.FM, Proton Radio, DI.F)
Nice remix.

Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat)

L8M8 a.k.a. ANDY LAU (FSS Recordings)
Gotta have this one, thanks.

Sasha Le Monnier (Classound Recordings / Proton, DI.FM Radio)
nice, like this. digging that bass and lovely use of the vocals

T.Lectual (Tulipa, Baroque, iMastering)
nice remix

Pretty Criminals
Like this a lot – thanks

Alberto Blanco (Stripped Recordings // Sound Avenue // Liquid Grooves)
Fantastic !!!

Kevin Shiu (Frisky radio,Powerplant music,Sex on Wax,Hype Musik.)
Good job!!

Homegrove (Liquid Crystal Sound)
Great stuff! Thanks!

Russell Deeks (This is Why We Dance)
Respect to anyone who DOESN”T think Opus III did the original of this! Signed, an old person

Augusto Siles (Afterhours Radio Show )

Flipstones & Steve Sculpher 
This is a clas sic thats just been took to another level … thank you