NameSpace | Live


Here we present a recording of NameSpace (aka Ben Shaw & Ben Summers) live at the The Quad in Derby, England.

01. NameSpace – Turning Back (Ambient Intro Edit)
02. Ivan Fernandez – The Blues (NameSpace Live Edit)
03. Deepfunk – Crystals (NameSpace Live Edit) – Stripped Recordings 
04. Ben Shaw – Third Sun (NameSpace Live Edit)
05. NameSpace – The Sentinel (NameSpace Live Edit) – Stripped Recordings 
06. Terry Brookshire – Hypnotique (NameSpace break it down Edit)
07. Seb Dhajje – Raining Day (NameSpace Live Edit) – Stripped Recordings
08. Boards of Canada – Music is Math (NameSpace Live Edit)
09. Ben Shaw – Red Dream (NameSpace Live Edit)
10.NameSpace – Not Found (Live Edit) – Stripped Recordings
 are London/Midlands based DJ and Producers Ben Shaw and Ben Summers.

Ben Shaw has been producing and remixing for more than 12 years, beginning as Sunscape on Barry Jamieson of Evolution’s Fluid Recordings before releasing under his own name with his biggest track “So Strong” feat. Adele Holness on Cass n Slide and Lee Burridge’s Fire Recordings label in 2001. Ben recently made it through to the “final fourteen” contestants in the notorious Burn Studios Sasha remix competition, with his remix of “Cut Me Down” which was released on Sasha’s brand new label, Last Night on Earth.

Ben Summers has been DJing for more than 10 years, holding residencies at many popular nights in the Midlands including Blend (also playing out in Ibiza as part of their world tour) and Nottingham based LoveZoo. His mixes have been played on various online stations including the famous Proton Radio, whilst on the production front Ben has worked with vocalists and producers from the USA and Spain.

As a duo, NameSpace’s first release was “The Sentinel” which was swiftly signed to highly acclaimed label Stripped Recordings and released in March 2011.
“The Sentinel” was remixed by Deepfunk and Global Underground regular Jim Rivers. Since then NameSpace have gone on to remix tracks by Seb Dhajje, Deepfunk. A second release “Not Found” surfaced in early 2012. Ben Summers has had a solo release “Mi Diosa” also on Stripped Recordings in 2013.
Ben Shaw alongside his brother Dan have a release due in early 2014 “Snow In Madrid”.