We Have To Go Back – Dibby Dougherty: The Man Behind The Mix

009-SRLP We Have To Go Back - Stripped Recordings

Legendary dance music magazine Mixmag proclaimed that dj / producer  Dibby Dougherty was someone to ‘Keep An Eye On’ back in 2012 and it’s not difficult to see why. This youthful Irishman has  had his music featured on high profile record labels such as Bedrock, Renaissance, Parquet, Sudbeat, Natura Sonoris, Paradigma, DAR, Espai Music, Manual Records as well as Stripped Recordings. November 25 will see the release of “We Have To Go Back” which celebrates eight years of the strippedmuzikclub stable and it’s three Original labels Stripped Recordings, Stripped Digital and Hype Muzik (A fourth label Stripped Off was introduced in April 2013 but is not included on the album).

Dibby Dougherty - We Have To Go Back

The former resident at the notorious club night Yello in Belfast (*34 DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2011) consistently played to crowds further afield, at clubs and festivals in Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, India, Argentina, Melbourne, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and the list goes on.

Defining his production style as “Energetic and twisted, but alive with emotion” – his distinct creations are constantly supported and charted by the likes of  SashaJohn Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, John Tejada, Max Cooper, James Zabiela, Dubfire, Dave Seaman, Funk D’Void  and numerous others.

2012 saw the launch of his DhARMA label, a home for his adoration of the more eclectic side of electronic music. Its not your conventional ‘dance’ label, it releases everything from orchestral and weird, to charming folk-tronica and synthesized pop music. The label has already seen huge props from BBC Radio and Mixmag, as well as having a remarkable DJ support list. Dibby also hosts a monthly radio show ‘The Looking Glass’ .

In September 2012 made his debut on Stripped Recordings when  he brought his track “The Black Smoke” (recorded alongside fellow Irishman David Young) from Parquet Recordings (which was originally released in the summer 2011)

Dibby Dougherty & David Young – The Black Smoke “DhARMA Version” – Parquet Recordings LTD

Remixes by friends and respected producers then followed and released on Stripped Recordings to great acclaim. The remixers brought in for the project were Jamie Stevens, Beaumont Stanford, Def Led, and Hunter Slay.

How did the idea for this mix album come about?
Well I have been mates with Norm (strippedmuzikclub label manager) for a few years, i have been a fan of a lot of things the label has put out over the years. we are also both a bit mental when it comes to the subject of the tv show Lost. After a few chats about the show, and music, we decided that we needed to do something related to the show, me and Davey (David Young) had some unfinished business with a track we released a while back on a german label, the track was called “The Black Smoke”, so Norm released it on his Stripped Recordings label with some amazing remixes from friends of ours, i also created a strange dj tool from the original and used this in one of the mixes.

Anyways,  i said to norm something along the lines of ‘hey dickhead, your back catalog is well good’ and he said something along the lines of ‘hey Dibby, fancy making some babes’ and i was like ‘nah man, but i wanna get all your back catalogue and do a best of album kinda thing’ so he said ‘aye, happy days’. So i got a great designer mate of mines called Lou to make a killer cover and i got to work selecting my favourite tracks from the stripped labels.
Dibby Dougherty - We Have To Go Back - Stripped Recordings
What was the feel you wanted to create with the two mixes musically? 
Initially i was going to do one really long mix but thought it may be better to make it a two disc vibe. Something for day time beers in the garden, and something for night time to listen before you go to a club. I made a couple of edits of some of the tracks, the original artists where cool enough to send me the original parts to some of the tracks for me to play with in the mix. I think it came out really well, Norm has a fantastic back catalogue and i hope i showed this well in the mix.

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://snd.sc/1bG2RUX
Dibby Dougherty & David Young
“The Black Smoke” [Dibby’s Swan Outro]
Stripped Recordings

“We Have To Go Back – 8 years of strippedmuzikclub” – Compiled & Mixed By Dibby Dougherty

2 x mixes, 50 tracks 
Label: Stripped Recordings
Release Date: Monday November 25,2013 exclusively @ Beatport
*Check out “The Looking Glass’ Mix Collection from DhARMA label collective (all available to download for free)