FREE DOWNLOAD: London Grammar | Hey Now | Smak (aka Steve McCready) Interstellar Remix

London Grammar | Hey Now - Smak (aka Steve McCready Interstellar Remix)

The 17th and final remix of the year in our series of Free Remixes & Edit comes from Smak (aka Steve McCready) and his interpretation of the excellent London Grammar track “Hey Now”.


Richie Hawtin (Minus / Probe / Nervous / Plus 8 / Poker Flat)

Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) 

Marc Poppcke (Crossfrontier Audio / Last Night On Earth) 
Steve always delivering quality stuff. Full support !

Martin Garcia 
Very cool. Support

Lane 8 

Scotty.A (Proton) 
very nice. support!

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
Great job Steve!! lush!

Peet (Traum Schallplatten / Reworck) 
digiging this. thanks

Alex Nemec (Mirabilis, Tronic, Respekt, Rekluse, Flow Vinyl, Baroque) 
nice rework!

Tini Tun (We Are Here / Twilo NYC / Mexico) 
Great track, support. Thanks!

MPL/Micah Paul Lukasewich (Ruhnsong/Stripped) 
nice n smooth!

Nick Muir (Bedrock) 
Great work.d/l for listening pleasure

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir) 
Great remix by Stevo!

Omar El Gamal 
very nice, thanks

Arturo Mercado (BCS/ Stripped Records / We ARe Here /In4mation / Stripped Digita) 
Nice work full support, thanks

Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records)

Madloch (Sound Avenue / Crossfade Sounds / 3rd Avenue / Agara Music) 
Very nice, tnx

Steve The Great! Thanks !

Beat Syndrome (Sound Avenue, System Recordings, Movement, Agara, Ballkan Connec) 
Very nice ! downloading

Tanseer (Juicebox Music, Mirabilis Records, System Recordings) 
Super rework, love it!

Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow) 
very good

d-phrag (System/Bonzai/Balkan Connection/Baires/Mirabilis) 
sweet and warm sound, lovely!

Eve Falcon (Proton Radio / Evocative ) 
nice production. moody vibe. great!

Grumpy (LQD) (Deep, Drops, Aquasound, Liquid Grooves, Inversion, ‘Shoes, ) 
Never Dull, Always innovative, Steve did it again….Magnificent remix! DL’ing!

Sanjay Dutta 
Beautiful tune. Downloading 🙂

John Norman (Hype Muzik, Stripped, UNT!) 
Nice, smooth. Well done remix.

T/LEC (Tulipa, Baroque, iMastering) 
great work as usual from Steve

Blusoul (Sound Avenue,DAR,Low Bit,,3rd Avenue) 
Very cool! Support!

Tim Angrave (The Chillout Lounge / Lemongrassmusic) 
It’s a beauty thanks 🙂

Alberto Blanco (Stripped Recordings // Sound Avenue // Liquid Grooves // Agara M) 
Very good, support !!!

Nomad In The Dark (Hope, Stripped Recordings, Audiotherapy ) 
Loving this. thanks

Kevin Toro 
Awsome remix as usual Steve!

David Granha (Microcastle, Aegyptia, Natura Sonoris, Outside The Box, Partic) 
Great one!!!

timbenjamin (encore) 
nice one, thanks

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure) 

Diego Macias (Stripped Digital, TRR Label, InfraDigrecords, We Are Here Record) 
Nice one!

Alec Araujo (A Must Have, Plattenbank, Global Underground, Soulfire Downloads) 
Well done.

Sasha Le Monnier (Stripped Digital / Source Of Gravity | Proton Radio / DI FM) 
good work, support!

Jack Steinel (Chronovision/Strippedrec/Lapsus) 
Nice track 🙂

Augusto Siles (Afterhours Radio Show ) 
Great Work , very nice

Benji Candelerio 
good tune

Flipstones & Steve Sculpher (groundworx session) 
supporting thanks

Russell Deeks (This is Why We Dance) 
Nice though I must admit I don’t know the original so can’t really compare…

Homegrove (Liquid Crystal Sound) 
Fucking great!

Demus Whisper (Digital Memory Music) 
cool track!!