Oona Dahl | Afterlife: I Am A Dreamwalker | Promo Mix

Oona Dahl

Introducing Oona Dahl dj / producer out of Mountain Meadows, Colorado USA who is also one half of Slumber (with Amber Cox) serves up this promotional mix ahead of the release of her solo EP “HEAR.FEEL.HEAL.REPEAT” on Stripped Recordings in March 2014. This will be preceded by Slumber’s “Lost In Paradise” on Stripped Off on January 29,2014.

Promo Mix: Oona Dahl | Afterlife: I Am A Dreamwalker


01. Oona Dahl – Sugar
02. NutNut- Hopeless (Kyson)
03. Hanami- A Pale Shade
04. Haraket- Taint (Mokadem)
05. Doc Daneeka, Benjamin Damage- Bleach & Penicillin
06. Fort Romeau- Some Of Us For Nothing
07. Guy Gerber- The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon feat. Clarian (GG & Clarian)
08. Safeword- You Can You Will
09. David McAlmont, Michael Nyman- Secrets, Accusations and Charges (Max Cooper)
10. David Durango- Pole Dance
11. Tini Tun, Hugo Ibarra- All is Mine
12. Corei- Kolours (Nemanja Kostic) – Stripped Recordings 
13. Slumber- Nightwalkers feat. Guada fx (Elia Crecchi)
14. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan- Uranium (Tini Tun) – Stripped Recordings 
15. Soukie & Winish- Oak & Whiskey
16. Nico Stojan- After the Hour (Lake People)
17. Rennie Foster- Heart Shaped Shadow
18. PHM- Longely Shore (Spada)
19. Less Hate- Yesterday
20. Auntie Flo- Kisumu
21. Alex Burkat- Tarot
22. Oona Dahl- Sleeping Birdy
23. Spada- Renaissance feat. Zefora
24. Ryan Crosson, Aquarius Heaven- Head Above Water
25. Danza Macabra- The Woods (Patlac)
26. Fort Romeau- Love (Dub)
27. Hugo Ibarra-Hypnosis 
28. Momu- Comin up Alright (Tini Tun)
29. Less Hate- Bambino
30. Coma- My Orbit
31. Hanchi-MarAt (Dugong)
32. Sun Glitters- Tight (Twin Empire)
33. Oona Dahl- Somewhere We Can Go – Stripped Recordings


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“The person, who is in tune with the universe, becomes like a radio receiver through which the voice of the universe is transmitted.”
~ Hazrat Khan