Slumber @ Beatport Live In Denver

Slumber Beatport Live April 2014
Slumber (Oona Dahl & Amber Cox) took centre stage on Beatport Live to perform a b2b set  in Denver before playing at Beta Nightclub later the same night. The duo who released “Lost In Paradise” on Stripped Off, Will be following up  with the “No Sleep” EP featuring two new originals “No Face” and “No Sleep”, with remixes from Justin Steel & Roland Westlake. Oona Dahl who had her solo EP “HEAR.FEEL.HEAL.REPEAT” on Stripped Recordings has her second release coming up in May with “Somewhere We Can Go” featuring remixes one the track taken from the EP release. Tini Tun, Michael A and Phonic Scoupe are on remixes plus there is the additional bonus of a new Original entitiled “Twisted”.

Slumber “Lost In Paradise” feat Jason Short Remix – Stripped Off
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Oona Dahl “HEAR.FEEL.HEAL.REPEAT EP” – Stripped Recordings
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Slumber @ Beatport Live, Denver – April 11, 2014 – 2100 (GMT)
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