VIDEOS: We Have To Go Back: Compiled & Mixed by Dibby Dougherty | Stripped Recordings

009-SRLP We Have To Go Back - Stripped Recordings
Back in November 2013 we celebrated eight years of strippedmuzikclub with a rather special dj mix compilation from Dibby Dougherty. Now you can enjoy both mixes in full courtesy of these video’s put together Predrag Lv who we’d like to thank for this plus the many other videos he puts together for our releases across the four labels.

Mix One
Intro – Days Off_Geminus [Island Edit / Moojaa’s Dream Sequence Remix]
Dunkan Disco_The Edge
Juan Deminicis_Heartless
Juan Deminicis_Esperanza
Projekt Inertia_Love For The Masses
Martin Virgin_Beautiful
Martin Virgin_Music
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Audio Input
Days Off_Geminius [Michael King Remix]
Yamil Colluci_Southfest [Moojaa Dream Sequence Remix]
Martin Virgin_Trippin To The Stars
Edvard MonoGram_Peace On Earth [Beatless Mix]
Erdi Irmak feat. Amy Capilari_Across The Sky
Projekt Inertia_Underneath Us
Pete Gooding & Tyrell D_It Goes Boom [Amine Edge & DANCE Remix]
Norman H,Minoru Hirata_La Bufadora [ThermalBear ReThink]
Tom Eales, Delta 7even feat Ella_Illuminate [Lo-Tek Remix]
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Feeling
Andy Kneale_We Thought Kraftwerk Was Robots [Oki Noki Remix]
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Assault
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Lights Out

Mix Two:
Darren Flecta_Emitting White Light [Deepfunk Remix]
Diyo_New Old [Edvard Monogram Space Mix]
Yamil Colucci_Bactriana [Deepfunk Remix]
Namespace_The Sentinel [Jim Rivers Remix]
Mehmet Akar_The Light Goes On [Ioan Gamboa Remix]
Luciano Benz_De Mi Sec
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Hurry Up
Ian O’Donovan_Calypsa
Vanyano_Memories [Juan Deminicis Remix]
Erdi Irmak_Alive
Smak (aka Steve McCready) featuring Ryan Vail – In The Beginning [Ivan Picazo The Sun After Storm Remix]*
Verche_Sparkling Water [Diyo Remix]
Neil Quigley_The Mean Reds [Ian O’Donovan Remix]
Nomad In The Dark_Control
Pete Gooding,John Moss,Mike Moorish_Say Goodbye
Smak (aka Steve McCready) featuring Ryan Vail_In The Beginning [ThermalBear ReThink]
The Horses_Acid Village [Smak (aka Steve McCready) Peaked Remix]
Smak [aka Steve McCready]_Acid Warriors
Delta 7even_Yin Yang
Dunkan Disco_Groove Tonight [CH1M3R4 Rework]
Diyo_New Old [Piyush Awasthi Remix]
Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z_Cotton Candy [Verche Remix]
La Torre_J’ai Essaye [No Comprende][La Torre Mix]
Ian O’Donovan_Reign Orion
Dibby Dougherty & David Young – Black Smoke – Dibby’s Swan Outro

Dibby is currently on an adventure away from music in the Far East with his fiancé Ciara Wilson and judging by this video they posted its a trip of a lifetime.

We Have To Go Back: Compiled & Mixed By Dibby Dougherty is available @ Beatport:

The mixes can be downloaded free via Soundcloud here: