Stripped Recordings returns to Vinyl after almost 12 years

Test Pressing 194-SR Stripped Recordings
194-SR | Stripped Recordings Test Pressing
Release Date: January 24,2017 

To be fair only the first Stripped Recordings release in September 2005 was released on vinyl before the digital era finally all but wiped out the format and with it a multitude of record stores big and small across the globe. But now there’s a kind of renaissance happening with vinyl, obviously not to the heights of a bye gone age but a resurgence nonetheless of the format. After deliberating long and hard about wether or not to get back into that arena we have decided that we will make a comeback with a 300 x 12″ run of the next single on the label which’ll also be the first single release of 2017. Full details of this release from Lithuanian producer / dj Donatello and Australian singer songwriter Shane Blackshaw will be announced shortly after the new year with online premiere’s and artwork reveals etc etc . Until then lets take you back to the last time we released on vinyl over a decade ago.

001-SR Stripped Recordings
Release Date: September 25,2005
Nikola Gala “Everything Is You” / “Nomad Soul” 
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