013SRLP Various Artists: Insomnia Cafe: Volume Three – Compiled By Norman H | Stripped Recordings

The third volume in the Insomnia Cafe series is finally upon us compiled once again by label boss Norman H with 15 tracks crossing the genres Chillout, Electronica, Indie Dance, Nu Disco & Deep House featuring tracks and remixes from Xspance, Audioglider, Killahertz, Ezequiel Marotte, Defled, Andy Martin, Dark Strands, Carl Jurgens, Smak (aka Steve McCready), Ryan Vail, MUUI, Hara, Fractal Architect, Jacob Phono, Tom Eales, Ella, Deepfunk, Dibby Dougherty, David Young, Joash, Oona Dahl, Michael King, and Pincer Movement.

FREE STREAM & DOWNLOAD: We Have To Go Back (8 yrs of strippedmuzikclub) | Compiled & Mixed By Dibby Dougherty | Stripped Recordings

“Over the last 25 years of listening to dance music compilation CDs, the ones for me that stand out aren’t filled with hits. They are the ones where a little care and attention has been taken to the contents, where the music is the defining factor and not the headline name. Its the small details which can make or break these albums and this one has all the star qualities in spades. With the holiday season fast approaching, do yourselves and your dance music loving friends a favour and buy this album. You won’t be disappointed.” – Simon Huxable – THIS IS PROGRESSIVE (http://www.thisisprogressive.com/reviews-wehavetogoback/)

“Dibby has very intelligently planned and arranged in such a way that it gives you a fresh feel with proportionate variations within the mix which keeps you interested” – EUPHORIC MAGAZINE (INDIA) Album Of The Month

“…the labels deserve praise for it’s massive contribution and enduring hardwork & dedication towards releasing quality electronic music for nearly a decade” – Darin Epsilon – TILLATE MAGAZINE

009-SRLP We Have To Go Back | compiled & mixed by Dibby Dougherty | Stripped Recordings

Legendary dance music magazine Mixmag christened Dibby Dougherty as someone to “Keep An Eye On” in 2012 and its not difficult to see why. The last couple of years have been exceptional for the youthful Irishman, his music has featured on honored record labels such as Bedrock, Renaissance, Parquet, Sudbeat, Natura Sonoris, Paradigma, DAR, Espai Music, Manual Records as well as Stripped Recordings.
In September 2012 made his debut on Stripped Recordings when he brought his track “The Black Smoke” (recorded alongside fellow Irishman David Young) from Parquet Recordings (which was originally released in the summer 2011). Soon after Dibby (whilst on a round the world trip) approached label boss Norman H about putting together a mix complilation using the comprehensive back catalogue of the stables Original three labels Stripped Recordings, Stripped Digital & Hype Muzik. Just over one year later and the fruits of his exceptional efforts are now here for all to hear as he takes us on a musical journey of two mixes and 49 tracks (the album includes one previously unreleased track not included in the mixes).

We Have To Go Back – Dibby Dougherty: The Man Behind The Mix

Legendary dance music magazine Mixmag proclaimed that dj / producer Dibby Dougherty was someone to ‘Keep An Eye On’ back in 2012 and it’s not difficult to see why. This youthful Irishman has had his music featured on high profile record labels such as Bedrock, Renaissance, Parquet, Sudbeat, Natura Sonoris, Paradigma, DAR, Espai Music, Manual Records as well as Stripped Recordings. November 25 will see the release of “We Have To Go Back” which celebrates eight years of the strippedmuzikclub stable and it’s three Original labels Stripped Recordings, Stripped Digital and Hype Muzik (A fourth label Stripped Off was introduced in April 2013 but is not included on the album).

“In The Beginning” closes Monegros Desert Festival 2013

Ivan Picazo’s exclusive remix of Smak (aka Steve McCready) “In The Beginning” (Stripped Recordings) is played by El Row (Barcelona) resident Toni Varga
at the end of the Monegros Desert Festival 2013. The track will be released on November 21, 2013 @ Beatport as a sampler to the “We Have To Go Back” – 8 years of strippedmuzikclub compilation album, mixed and compiled by Dibby Dougherty (November 25,2013).