023SO Joe Mesmar | After Effects EP | Stripped Off

Stripped Off’s 23rd release lands and it comes from Joe Mesmar one of the winners of Josh Wink’s remix contest for Ovum for the track “Balls”. Joe releases his first EP with us entitled “After Effects” a four track of Original Techno flavoured tracks. Joe Mesmar is a professional, dynamic, and innovative DJ and music producer based out of Montreal, Canada.

141-SR Michael A | About Show / Brain Disorder | Stripped Recordings

Situated on the banks of the River Pripyat, Michael A (Mikhail Akulich) has found fertile ground for a unique production style from his home in the oil refining city of Mozyr in southern Belarus. This is the prolific young producers first full release on Stripped Recordings fresh of his remix of Progress Inn on the labels previous release. This double header is the 141st release for the label.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The xx | Angels [Phonic Scoupe Remix]

The 20th in our series of free download comes in the shape of Lithuanian trio Phonic Scoupe’s Dub Remix of The xx “Angels”. Phonic Scoupe who have released on Stripped Recordings and Stripped Digital continue to gain support with each production the make. They have a new release “Sand” coming up with a remix from Dousk – Stripped Recordings later this month.

022SO Jean-Charles Savary | In Fire EP | Stripped Off

Frenchman Jean-Charles Savary hits Stripped Off with his “In Fire EP” featuring two brand new Original tracks “In Fire” & “Moonchild RW”. He has previously appeared on Stripped Digital with his “Logical Suite EP” and in December 2013 he returned with a remix of Ezequiel Marotte’s “Berlin’s East Side Gallery” on Stripped Recordings. This is the 22nd release on Stripped Off.

150-SD Seb Dhajje | Constanza | Stripped Digital

Stripped Digital reaches another milestone with it’s 150th single release which comes from Frenchman Seb Dhajje and the track “Constanza” which has seen support from the likes of Sasha in its Original form. There are two remixes to accompany the original and they come via Israeli producer / dj Lonya and London based Irishman John O’Connor.

140-SR Progress Inn | Bettas EP | Stripped Recordings

Time for the 140th release on Stripped Recordings from Progress Inn with an EP enitiled “Bettas” featuring two Original tracks. The aforementioned title track and “Slant” with remixes coming from Rich Curtis & Michael A. Progress Inn is the DJ/production duo consisting of Janko Dragovic and Igor Kadic. Both guys, originally from former Yugoslavia, are currently based in Perth, Australia. As Progress Inn, they make and play a variety of music, but their main sound is a blend of progressive, house and techno with the philosophy that it has to be groovy and it has to be deep.